The brand "Blue Health" was designed for an international competition called "Business@School" conducted by the "Boston Consulting Group" (BCG). Every year more than 2000 students get the chance to gather a feeling how business and economy works. Each country is divided and sub-divided into their federal state and region. So every school that takes part in this contest has one team, which has to come up with a product and a business plan.

I was not initially part of this project, but some friends were and they asked me to support them with the corporate design. Since their idea sounded interesting I agreed to help them. It is quite simple: A box which is mounted inside a fridge and illuminates the food with blue to ultra-violet light. Scientists found out that short light waves (400-470nm) can destroy bacteria up to 80%. (Source)

In the end they reached the second place in the contest and I am happy that I could be part of it. Credits to the business plan and the idea goes to Phil Hackemann among others.
You can find the article to my team over here.

My Work

The task was to come up with a name and a logo that can give a hint what the product is all about. It did not take very long for me to figure out how the this main part should look like. Since the name "Blue Health" is pretty self-explanatory I will skip this part.

The logo consists out of a fridge in the center of the blue circle, a combination lock and the name. Everything is kept simple and clean. The color scheme is a lighter blue, which gives the logo a lightweight optic.
I also created a 3D concept with some shots and a little demo for the presentation.